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Veterans Donation

Local 18007 Brothers and Sisters,

Every day, as we come into work, you see our Veteran Donation boxes. What we haven’t seen are these boxes packed with donations. It is a sad reality that is being faced by some Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country and our liberties. What we might fail to realize, is that some Vets, maybe one or two checks away from being back on their feet. Our Veterans have taken care of us, so let’s take care of them. I ask from the membership, especially those of my fellow vets who have come through Dawson; that when you go to the stores to shop, toss one or two items into your basket. Let’s pay it forward! Everyone and anyone can make a difference. Don’t let the holidays be the only time of year of giving.

Accepted Items of donation range from:

* Nonperishable food items

* Household items

* Toiletries

* Gently used clothing/ Jackets/Shoes/ Boots

Veterans Day isn’t just once a year! Nor should it be the only time we take care of a Veteran. Even the smallest item can make a difference. These boxes are checked every week to ensure that we can get our veterans the things they need ASAP! As our pervious Business Manager and fellow Veteran Rick Passarelli, would say, “Veterans are looking for a hand up NOT a handout.” You don’t have to be a Veteran to follow the creed of leave no man or woman behind or down. We have the ability and means to make a difference.


Joe Tischina

South Shop Steward

Semper FI