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Utility Worker Classification Implementation and Pay scale



February 7, 2011

Mr. Richard Passarelli” Business Manager
Gas Workers Union, Local 18007

300 South Ashland Ave., Suite 307
Chicago, IL 60607

Re: Utility Worker Classification Implementation

Dear Rick:

This letter is to memorialize our discussions on January 19,2011 concerning several open

issues related to implementation of the new Utility Worker (“UW”) job classification.

The Company appreciates the Union’s sincere efforts to meet and discuss these issues.

This spirit of cooperation is a necessity for successfully implementing the terms of the

agreement that we reached concerning the UW job classification.

Issue 1 – Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”):

The UWs initially receiving the Gas Mechanic (“GM”) training will have 12 months to

obtain their CDL. Today Operations Apprentices (“OA”) upgrading into the GMjob

classification have 6 months to obtain their CDL UWs starting in Service will not have

to obtain a CDL now. The CDL Hazardous Materials Endorsement is a volunteer

assignment today and will continue that way in the future as long as a sufficient number

of volunteers are maintained. UWs starting in Distribution will receive training on using

air breathing equipment and will be required to follow all applicable procedural and

safety requirements associated with utilizing breathing air equipment. Going forward

UWs assigned to work in either Distribution or Service work assignments will receive

the necessary training and qualifications to perform those assignments.

Issue 2 – Work Assignments:

UWs will not be permanently assigned to drive the dump truck and will be rotated out

of that assignment. During 2011 UWs will not be working in the yard or on the pipe

truck as a second person. Initial assignments will be intended to allow the UW s to

perform field work and develop a broader range of experience to help aid their


With regard to turn-on work, the Company may need to continue to seek volunteers

from the GMjob classification to assist with managing that work load. The current

contract language only allows the Company to assign GMs – Over 10 Years to perform

that work. Going forward if there are not enough volunteers, the Company and Union

agree to use the lowest operator qualified GM classification (e.g, GM 4) to perform

turn-on work and will not assign that work to GMs – Over 10 Years unless they volunteer.

Issue 3 – Start Times:

UWs starting in Service will work the Service Department start times and the UWs

starting in Distribution will work the Distribution Department start times. UW s

starting in Service will not initially work on the 1 :30 p.m., 3 :30 p.m. or midnight shifts

Monday through Friday. OAs will continue to work those shifts until such time as that is

not practical. UWs starting in Distribution will not work on nights for 1 year – the same

as the current rules for entry level GM’s. This will allow the UW s an opportunity to

develop the appropriate level of experience before having to work on nights.

Issue 4 – Overtime:

The UW s in Service will follow the current practices for the assignment of overtime in

the Service Department and the same for UW s starting in Distribution. The Company

and Union felt that this would cause the least amount of disruption for employees

currently in the Service and Distribution Departments and would also present the best

opportunities for the fair and equitable assignment of overtime.

On the weekends the Service Specialists are currently in the helper pool with the OAs.

The UWs starting in Service will go into that weekend pool for working as a helper.

Issue 5 – Seniority:

The Company and Union agreed to maintain the current practices with regard to

seniority. The UWs starting in Service will be slotted at the bottom of the seniority list

for employees in the Service Department classifications and they would be subject to

assignment on the Tuesday – Saturday shift. In addition, the Company wi11look into

relieving Senior Service Specialists #2s performing blended routes and turn-on work on

the weekends from performing that work.

The UWs starting in Distribution will be slotted at the bottom of the seniority list for

employees in the Distribution Department classifications.

Issue 6 – Service Department Annual Polling:

Because Service Department annual polling is routinely performed in January of each

year, there will be some newly classified UWs assigned to the Service Department that

will have missed the annual polling survey for most desired schedules or sub-shop

locations. Upon transition into the new UW classification and assignment to the Service

Department, new UWs will be given the opportunity to complete a Service Department

annual polling sheet for documentation. The polling sheet will continue to follow the

same Service Department classification’s seniority rules, This interim polling sheet will

be utilized in the event a shift opening develops later in the year, prior to the routine

annual Service Department polling survey.

Issue 7 – PTO Scheduling:

The Company and Union have agreed that in 2011 the new UW s will initially schedule

their PTO as OAs. After 2011 the UWs will schedule their PTO within their

classification based on seniority.

Please review this letter and sign on the signature line below if it accurately reflects the

understanding that we reached on January 19 with regard to the issues discussed above.


John Kleczynski

Manager, HR Services – Utilities

Below you can Download the PDF of the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING  regarding the Utility Worker Classification Implementation