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Upcoming changes in response to unfair company treatment

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 18007, 

The Union has had several meetings with the company regarding labor issues and how the membership is being treated at the shop level. We have a backlog of terminations and grievances for frivolous activities that are resulting in members losing money from their paychecks for discipline. There have been many complaints by the company about the Peace team process claiming that the injury numbers are continuing to go up and asking why we allow the union to run a safety program that doesn’t work! The company has also threatened to outsource the CDL training program because not enough classes are being held. HELLO, we’re not shop management and we don’t assign when classes should be held. Most of this is occurring because of the inexperience of shop supervisors that is being taken out on the members and we as a Union have done the CDL training because it’s cheaper than outsourcing. 

So as of September 1st, 2018, the Executive Board has decided to enact the following actions. 

  • To discontinue the Peace team observation program. This includes attending of any safety meetings or conducting observations. As a side note, some managers and supervisors feel that disciplining for safety is the way to go and more productive than coaching.   
  • The Union will also discontinue our CDL training program with our instructors. We enacted this so that many of the employees could gain their CDL licenses and we’ve done this with much success.
  •  The Union will also discontinue our help with the Chicago public school training program.

FYI, here are just a few of the ongoing labor issues affecting the membership! 

  • Some supervisors, just a few, who were once UW’s, are now telling 30-year Crew Leaders and serviceman how to do a job. WRONG!
  • The union has Negotiated settlements with our Human Resources department, who mind you are supposed to be “Keeping employees satisfied, communicating information on policies and handling complaints, union activities and questions regarding benefits are all aspects of employee relations responsibilities that fall on the HR manager. Employee relation processes are in place to maintain morale and maintain a positive company image”, to bring our terminated members back to work only to have the deal terminated at the last minute by PGL Vice President. this is WRONG!
  • Company management also want our members in the field to take a fellow sister or brother, [who Report to the Job sites], in for drug tests then holding them responsible if the member goes home. WRONG! It’s against labor policy to have an employee do this.
  • The company wants OA’s working in the tool room to put away stock. WRONG! This is Work that belongs to the warehouse department.
  • We have Carpenters pulling out Main Gang buses because bosses tell them it’s ok. WRONG
  • Weekend UW overtime issues that the company wanted, is being blamed on the Union E- Board by South and Central management resulting in spending thousands in attorney fees to defend the language. 

Those who have ears, listen and listen wisely with your third ear.    

I think you all get the point here. The E-Board has had to make tough decisions in trying to resolve these issues with NO SUCCESS, from the company. We met with President Charles Matthews approximately 3 weeks ago for 2 hours lodging our complaints directly to him. He was to investigate the allegations as well as many other confidential issues and promised to communicate back to us, yet these issues continue, and we have yet to receive a response from him about his findings.    

There are many rumors circulating around the company regarding what we negotiated and what we didn’t. The CBA is the result of that. Both the union and the company must adhere to. 

As for those supervisors harassing our members you can and should lodge a complaint on the harassment line. 

As always, the entire E-Board and other union leadership appreciate all you do. United we stand and divided we fall. Let us remain In solidarity.