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Union Member Carding- IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Brothers and Sisters,

Every Union member has the right to card any person working in the shop that is not a Gasworker. If they do not have their card with them; you should ask what local they belong too and tell your steward the information.  Before the road show at south shop our Business Manager Rick Passarelli and President Tim Jaroch carded the truck drivers bringing material into the shop.  NOT ONE WAS A UNION MEMBER.  The net result is that union truck drivers will be bringing material into the shop.  I card outside workers who work at the shop.  Recently I asked the electricians who were working at 107th street shop if they were union.  I asked them for their cards.  They were happy to show me their cards and they were our union brothers from 134.  One of them said that he did not know that people still carded people.  I told him that Gasworkers still do and stay union proud.

Fraternally Yours

Trustee Donato Iocco