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There are no shortcuts in safety training

Brothers and Sisters, 

There is an ongoing class at PETC for Crew Leaders and all other classifications that will work with/in the Distribution department in the future. This training consists of a series of very brief refresher modules; covering material on CPR, confined space rescue and body mechanics. 

This is a great way to keep us current and aware of these scenarios in case of an emergency – a reality in the daily lives for all Gas Workers. However, I wanted to make you aware of some issues I have noticed with this class, in case you intend on participating. Although this course was designed based on a “good” intention, the class falls short in a few areas: 

· The first issue is that during this class, they give us a very brief class on CPR – which to me seems ridiculous. Why wouldn’t the Company give us a more in-depth CPR training course rather than a condensed version that only shows us how to give chest compressions? I know every one of the members of Local 18007 would do whatever it took to save another brother or sister in any emergency, so give us the proper training and tools to ensure we can.  ·

During the confined space rescue portion of the class, we are expected to set-up a tripod and pull a 200-pound dummy out of a simulated vault. Another great idea but poorly planned because of lack of proper training.

  Aside from the curriculum, please be advised that as a Local 18007 member, the practical applications portion (including the stretching, simulated CPR, and 200-pound dummy exercise) is voluntary. There is no work practice or written procedure in place to participate. If you feel you are being forced to perform any of these tasks, contact your local shop steward. 

Fraternally,  Local 18007