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The Growth of the Membership by Donato Iocco

The Growth of the Membership by Donato Iocco

The growth of the membership under the present day leadership has been a huge protection to the future of every single employee. 470 new hires over the last 5 years are doing the work that is being done day to day that is necessary to the well-being and safety of the infrastructure of the city. Of those 470 new hires, 226 are from Dawson. The majority of those hires from Dawson are veterans. These veterans are transitioning into the workforce. These are men and women who put on the uniform and protected not only the nation but the world from people who just wants to hurt us.

The work that the contractors are doing will always be contested by this Executive Board. We have brought back work from the contractors. We have fought to get back number 2 leaks. From the project workers to the graduates of Dawson we have kept the contractor out of the house. The company would have contracted out the present day duties of Project Workers and it was the Union that led the effort to give veterans an opportunity to have viable employment. The company was happy to see the workforce dwindle to a maintenance company. It was this Executive Board that encouraged the company to hire. The city of Chicago deserves a real utility managing a workforce of career employees and not a ragtag group of contractors working piecemeal, here today and gone tomorrow.

The future of this Local are Dawson and those project workers doing essential tasks. We are maintaining the ownership of the work we are doing solely due to the present day hires and workers entering a full-time position from temporary status. These workers have entered the company under the leadership of Local 18007. Let us keep it real ladies and gentlemen, we have an infrastructure that needs to be maintained and improved. People need to have gas to their homes, leaks need to be fixed and pipe needs to be installed. As long as we have members in Local 18007; that work will be done by us and not by a contractor. The work has to be done and as long as new members keeps swiping through our gates with a Gasworkers Union card we will have a bright future together.