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Stewards Corner October 2018


I would like to remind us of the important duty we all have to cast a vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Locally, over the past four years, we saw the current governor hold our state budget hostage while trying to force right to work laws. We went 793 long days without a budget in Illinois and with the support of a Democratic House, we outlasted the governor and labor remains strong.

Nationally there have been three blows to organized labor since November, 2016. First is the appointment of three of five NLRB board members, as well as the general counsel, by the current president. Two of the board members have come from union-busting law firms. The second attack on labor was the Epic System Corp vs Lewis. The ruling on this case means that employment contracts mandating individual arbitration supersede the rights of workers to take collective legal action, (no class action law suits). The third blow to organized labor was the Janus vs AFSCME decision. This result allows non-union members to benefit from collective bargaining, as well as force unions to represent these people who choose to contribute nothing in dues or fees. This is currently only affecting public-sector unions, but we cannot let this happen to the private sector as well.

Get out and vote for politicians who support labor. You can check you legislator’s voting scorecard at our affiliate’s site; https://aflcio.org/legislative-scorecard and see where your representatives stand.


Erick Cabusao