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Stewards Corner December 2018

Hello 18007 Union Brothers and Sisters. This is John Hyland; I was hired in 1993 and have been the Steward for the Vault Department since 2000. For those that don’t know, our business manager, Rick Passarelli, is retiring early next year. I personally would like to thank Rick for everything he has done for our Union and hope if you get the chance you do the same. I have been involved in 18007 for many years, and I have had the privilege of seeing Rick work. When I started, he was a Steward, and he moved his way through most of the Union Board Positions. Rick has had many accomplishments, some of the main ones are The Dawson School (our Veterans Program), The Peace Team (the Safety Program run by our Union), Unionizing the call center, CDL training (run by our union), many great contracts, he has saved many Union jobs, and has grown our Union work force from about 800 to about 1200. Although Rick didn’t do all of this by himself, he was the key part of most of it. In my time, I have seen 18007 Union grow and get stronger. Our Union Board got better and better. This all has a lot to do with Rick Passarelli. I know it is easy to take for granted everything that comes from a good contract, but our company didn’t give us anything because they wanted to. Our Union Board fought long and hard for everything we have. So I ask each and every one of us if we get the chance to thank Rick and any of our Union Board member, I know I will.

THANK YOU, John Hyland