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Steward Report

I am hoping this letter finds all of the 18007 members healthy and safe this time of year.

Being a union member means doing the right thing, doing the job you are trained to do.  And to do that job to the best of your capabilities.

Being a union member also means that you do not do someone else’s job. I am not a welder, I am not an operator, nor am I a carpenter. Therefor I will refuse to do a skilled and highly trained individuals’ job, without being in that particular department. Having that particular title or be expected to do anything I am not qualified for.

If anyone is asked to take a wall down, and you are not part of the carpenter shop, please refer that person to call the carpenter shop. Talk to a carpenter. If a customer wants to take his own wall apart, let him know he will be expected to put it back himself.

There is a lot of work going on right now, we owe it to the customer to make sure things are done as neat, clean,  and as professional as possible.

Thank you, Mike Konrath. Union steward, Distribution Central Shop