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Brothers and Sisters:

The company has started this We Care Program, which is a program that has supervisor, engineer and whomever they can find, to call all the customers that we visit during our work day to ask how was their experience and were they satisfied with the customer service we provided. I’ve had to represent LOTS of members for what the customers said were bad attitudes were to not calling before arriving to their homes. The sad thing is, the company wants to believe the customer in every situation. Funny story, a supervisor at my shop (South), says to me, hey E.C. they should give you an office in here. He thought he was joking, funny thing is he’s probably right. I visit with management so much , people think I’m on light duty. True is, WE have to be very mindful while doing our jobs. Management calling customers, supervisor are instructed to do puck up vists, things are changing and like it or not we have to adjust with it. Our Executive Board is doing a great job of fending off certain things, but they are going to need OUR help members. We as stewards have been asked to step our game up as well to allow to E.B. to doing what’s best for the membership, fight for our rights. 18007 WE have to stand united. UNITED WE WILL STAND, DIVIDED WE WILL SURELY FALL. Let stand up and fight for what we believe in. God Bless You and may God Bless 18007.


Eric (E.C.) Collins