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Seasons greetings or not.

Seasons greetings or not.

Brothers and Sisters,

It’s the holiday season oh yes it is. It’s that time were we reflect on the past year and enjoy intimate moments with our family and friends. Some of us may even light the fireplace and have a nice cup of something to warm us up. Speaking of being warm, how about this weather baby! Sixty degree weather in December! I know I am really enjoying it and I hope that you are too.
On the topic of the weather, there hasn’t been any frost to cause a boatload of number 1 leaks. Also this fine season has given us the chance to knock out the number 2 leaks and when I say us I am speaking of the wonderful people in distribution department of 18007. You guys have done a fantastic job. Too bad that the company doesn’t share that same sentiment. In fact, as BM Rick Passarelli pointed out last week, in celebration of this accomplishment the company wants to outsource the remaining number 2 leaks to the contractor. Wow what a slap in the face. Also on top of that, the contractor in question has major ties with Mr. John Goetz. Another slap in our face.

Which brings me to the code of ethics.

WE all should have recently taken the code of ethics training course here. I couldn’t help but notice some of the scenarios that were being discussed and how they effected the code ethics. For example the “impact of unethical business”. It say’s pretty much that allowing such conflicts to permeate the business causes negative impacts like ” creating a negative public image” (check) ” results in distrust among employees and the public” (check) ” creates a disruptive workplace” (check). Now this should not bear any negative reflection on us as a workforce because we’re not the ones who make many of the ill-informed decisions concerning this company, our company that we give so much to. But we’re made to appear as the fall guys (and gals) being penalized for minor offenses. We’re looked upon in some instances as thieves and felons and treated as such with ridiculous amounts of penalties. HEY WE WERE NOT THE ONES that make the Rules. Things can really be handled differently and yet effectively.

Oh Yeah it’s the holiday season baby, time for caring and sharing and being cheerful. But after that what happens. I hope that in the coming year, those that sit in the Ivory tower of AON and they that reside in the comfy spaces of Milwaukee, will really try something different . We’re not Southern Gas or even Milwaukee. Chicago is very different. You want to make a change for the better here, it’s not going to come by paying a customer to give you a good rating. It’s going to come by dialoguing with those who are out in the trenches day in and day out. Those of us who interact with the customers and have to diffuse their anger or frustration in person because WE know that they aren’t upset with us in particular. They are pissed at the inadequate inefficiencies of the outsourced call center. We never had this problem when the employees that answered the calls had an invested interest in the company.
WE got a lot to talk about. Yeah, it’s the holiday season here in Chicago and baby it’s warm outside.

United WE work…United WE care…United WE win…
Fraternally and sincerely
Jason L Carter, Sr. Trustee