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I have been honored by being appointed our new safety officer, and I am proud to report we are making great progress, and moving forward with new ideas for our P.E.A.C.E team. One of our new ways of doing observations is what we call on site observations. That’s where one of our trained observers is assigned to the group they’re working with, and do weekly observations on that group. We still have contact with our Union brothers and sisters getting our safety message across.
Another way we changed the process, is our observers will going out for one full week at a time doing observations at different shops. If you get a call from an observer, please welcome them to your jobsite. We have done over 40,000 observations, and no one has been questioned or disciplined . Strictly peer on peer. Safety is the Union Boards number one priority.
Please be safe out there, and welcome the observers to your jobsites.

In Unity,
Brian Murray