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President’s Report



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The following MOU was signed by the executive board on December 1, 2011. Prior to the signing of this MOU there was a 12 month waiting period for new GM’s. During the 12 month period the union office was flooded with phone calls from crew leaders and GM’s with complaints about GM’s forced for weeks to sweep up at the local shops, being buried on a dump truck, doing nothing but locate work, and FI work. The executive board has been complaining to the company for years about getting experience for new gas mechanics by placing them on district work which includes leaks and hits. This MOU ensures that newly made utility workers will be placed as the EXTRA person on crews doing emergency work as well as district work.

Crew leaders that we have spoken to have discussed the main concern of working on emergencies with a Gas Mechanic/UW who has ZERO emergency experience. This MOU will protect crew leaders who work emergencies as well as district work by having an EXPERIENCED partner who has been exposed to leaks, hits, and district work for at least 6 months on the truck to make the job easier, as well as safer. Past practice has always provided that when a NEWmechanic was placed into a crew the crew leader and mechanic always taught the new laborer how the job was supposed to be done right and safe. This practice in 2012 will benefit all crew leaders by helping to train newly made UW’s.

The executive board continues its work to PROTECT HISTORIC work that we continue to do as Local 18007 brothers and sisters. The executive board is asking for your help as a brother or sister to accomplish this task.