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Peace Team Report by Mike Konrath

Dear brothers and Sisters of local 18007
I will like to touch base on three areas where about 90 per cent of our injuries have occurred this year.
But before we go there I want to talk about something that happened two weeks ago at North shops yard.
A tow truck that was sub contracted by PGL had just delivered a self contained from Rogers Park to North shop.
Now, keep this in mind. This man had been working for this company for over a year and a half. This was not his first tow.
He was in his 12th hour of this work day, was working a long day and most probably was in a hurry to get this long day over with. There was a tragic accident this night and the tow truck driver lost his life . Please be very careful out there every day. This could have happened very easily to one of our own
We do the same things every day, we dig holes every day, we set meters every day, we pretty much do the same thing every day.
When this occurs people tend to get complacent. When we get complacent accidents happen, when we least expect something to happen, that’s when it happens.. Thank you , and please be safe out there . I want to thank everyone for attending the safety stand downs at all our shops . we addressed our major concerns , lowering/ lifting, walking/ working surfaces , and ascending/ descending. People then were able to purchase new boots from Red wing, that was on site .This was very successful, over 150 pair of boots were purchased during our safety stand down week. I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, a healthy New year, and a safer 2015.