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Negotiation Update #8

Negotiation Update #8

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Negotiation Update #8

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, the Union and Company met for our 8th negotiation session.

  • The Company rejected the Unions Proposal for First Responder
  • The Company rejected the Unions Proposal for Chauffeur (Dump Truck Driver)
  • The Company Rejected Union the Unions Proposal for Contractor inspector
  • The Company rejected the Unions Proposal for Lead custodial and Custodial Classification
  • The Company rejected the Unions Proposal to hire all Project workers full time.

There were also discussions centered around

  • Ensure that appropriately trained and experienced employees lead crews
  • Enhancing the flexibility in geographically reassigning employees to meet fluctuation workload requirements
  • Enhance flexibility in assignment of job classifications and remove work task restrictions related to the number of meters and pipe size
  • Increase the cost effectiveness and availability of crews to meet customer demands for work to be performed during evening hours and on weekends
  • Ensure the safe and consistent handling of assignments lasting longer than 16 hours.   
  • Working Foreman position for Service and Distribution

Our next negotiation session will be on November 30th. The union will be countering the company’s High Deductible Plan.

The Executive Board is continuing to formulate and fine tune the data and proposals that have been put forth. And as always, your patience is asked as all the officers are working towards providing you a fair contract.

Fraternally, Rick Passarelli

Lead Negotiator