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Negotiation Update #5

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Union and Company met today for negotiation session number 5.

The Union submitted proposals today that were centered around

  • Moving all project workers to full time employment. We also discussed a career path Proposal to move the PW to UW and OA to UW.
  • To allow for additional meter shop duties to support field operation in the maintenance of ERT and AMI devices
  • The company proposed to qualify individuals to fill a need or vacancy without regard to seniority. The Union strongly disagreed with this.
  • The union reinforced the auto progression scale and proposed, that as a utility worker progressed, so would their qualifications and responsibilities.
  • The Union proposed a six-year apprenticeship program to top pay journeyman status. This will shorten the current 16-year auto progression.

The Union countered company proposal regarding the position of the Fleet assistant position to include.

  • Protection of the safety lane procedures
  • Creating a minimum staffing level.

The union also presented counters to company proposals

  • Involving drug and Alcohol Testing
  • An earlier start time at the warehouse

The next scheduled negotiation session will be on November 9th. As a reminder, the 11:30 AM membership meeting is cancelled due to negotiations. The 5:30 PM meeting is still scheduled and will be held at Park Tavern Hall.

The Executive Board will continue to formulate and fine tune our data and proposals for upcoming meetings. Your patience is asked as all the officers are working towards providing you a fair contract.

Fraternally, Rick Passarelli

Lead Negotiator