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Negotiation Update #2

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Union and Company met today with discussions centered around Medical Benefits. Topics were discussed in detail and included:

  • Monthly Premiums
  • Out of pocket max for single and family members
  • Yearly Wellness Incentives
  • Spousal Medical Coverage Eligibility
  • Prescription Drug Plan (Generic, formulary Brand Pricing)
  • HSA Contributions/Federal Tax Regulations
  • Exploring Outside Vendor Opportunities
  • Dental/Vision Care Coverage

The Union requested a detailed Information Request related to All Medical cost that will be reviewed by the Locals Benefit professionals, including UWUA Benefit Negotiators.

****No Proposals were exchanged.

The next scheduled negotiation session will be October 16th at a hotel near Midway Airport. The Union anticipates the first initial contract proposal at this meeting.

The Executive Board will continue to formulate and fine tune our data and proposals for upcoming meetings. Your patience is asked as all the officers are working towards providing you a fair contract.

Fraternally, Rick Passarelli

Lead Negotiator