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Negotiation Update 10

Negotiation Update 10

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Union bargaining team has been extremely busy over the last couple of weeks working 12-hour days countering and crunching numbers of proposals by the company at a hotel near midway airport.

The Union has countered numerous times on the following as well as gaining protections:

  • Tuesday – Saturday Forced Distribution
  • PPO with HSA lower deductibles and company contributions
  • UW wage adjustments before GWI General wage increase
  • SSS#1 Tuesday – Saturday and night relief
  • CL 1for 1 protections
  • Project worker full time hires
  • Contractor layoff language protection
  • PTO protection
  • New hires in fleet
  • Pension protection
  • Working Foreman Dist/Serv
  • Union instructor Tech training
  • Union instructors for CDL
  • Length of contract
  • OA- UW career path
  • Tool Keeper grandfather protection
  • Broaden injured members return to work opportunities

These are some of the subjects that have been countered and argued for the last 3 ½ months. We have made some progress, but work continues on many as well.

The Executive Board is continuing to formulate and fine tune the data and proposals that have been put forth. And as always, your patience is asked as all the officers are working towards providing you a fair contract.

Fraternally, Rick Passarelli

Lead Negotiator