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Negotiation Session #7

Negotiation Session #7

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, the Union and Company met for our 7th negotiation session which consisted mainly of countering existing proposals. Those included with in-depth discussion

  • Enhancing the Readiness of Employees assigned to night 3:30 & midnight Shifts
  • Ensure the safe and consistent handling of assignments lasting longer than 16 hours
  • Broaden opportunities for employees who have work restrictions to work during recovery
  • Tying time step increase & promotional opportunities to satisfactory performance.
  • Opportunities to regain traditional outsourced work.
  • The implementation of the working Forman/ Field Trainer position
  • Enhancing the flexibility in geographically reassigning employees to meet fluctuation workload requirements
  • Aligning overtime scheduling procedures to enhance the utilization of resources
  • Effectiveness & availability of crews to meet customer demands
  • Aligning tool keeping related activities with warehouse functions.

.Some minor benefits material was discussed with detailed discussion around prescription benefits.

Tuesday November 21st negotiation session has been cancelled by the union until the company provides answers to the unions proposals. The Union anticipates the company will have proposals prepared by the next scheduled session on the 28th of November.

The Executive Board is continuing to formulate and fine tune the data and proposals that have been put forth. And as always, your patience is asked as all the officers are working towards providing you a fair contract.

Fraternally, Rick Passarelli

Lead Negotiator