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Message from President Tim Jaroch

Brothers and Sisters,

Last week our Business Manager and USN Veteran Rick Passarelli received an award from Teamsters General National President James P. Hoffa, General Barton, and Colonel Adam Rocke . The award was presented on behalf of the work Rick, the UWUA, and the Local has conducted in the veteran’s community to find employment for veterans and servicing the Veterans family members as well. Rick has secured over a dozen supportive service partners who serve UMAP.  Some of the partners we are proud of include : Road Home, Inner voice, CFL, Cook County Workforce Board, Easter Seals, Dixon Center, Women for Wounded Warriors, CEWD, Veterans in Energy, Vote Vets, Solider for life, Marine for Life. Rick has used these resources to add over 335 veterans into the UMAP training to placement Chicago program growing our membership and creating a legacy for UWUA Local 18007. Thank you Rick we are very proud of the work you do for us as our Business Manager and National Executive Board Member.


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In Unity,

President Tim Jaroch