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Brothers and Sisters:

Today May 18th was the pro-labor rally in Springfield. It was a beautiful day and to see the camaraderie between the locals was special. 10,000 people demonstrated and 38 unions were represented, including our union. The whole spectrum of labor were represented from prison guards to pipe fitters. A peaceful celebration of what labor represents to all hardworking men and women of Illinois.

More importantly a loud and clear message was sent to Governor Rauner; which is Collective Bargaining is our right and the right-to-work-state legislation is never going to happen in Illinois. And as usual organized labor is leading the way and protecting all the workers in the state. Today should be evident to why we must stay united. Unorganized and the rally would not have happened and the workers would not have a voice. Organized and the people have a voice and a seat at the table.

Instead of Governor Rauner concentrating on reducing the prevailing wage in our state; he should concentrate on passing a budget that will benefit all the citizens in the state. The people in the state who cannot work and needs essential public services are not getting that help. Our leaders who were voted into office cannot pass a budget for all people.

Currently the Governor is at war with AFCSME and will not offer them a fair contract. AFCSME is 38,000 strong. And with the additional support from the rest of labor and our allies Governor Rauners agenda will come to an end.

In Unity,
Don Iocco