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Labor and what are you doing for it. J.L Carter

Labor and what are you doing for it.   J.L Carter

Recently V.P. Adrian Duenas, Trustee Don Iocco and myself had the pleasure of marching with other labor unions for Illinois Workers Rights. It was great to see and also be apart of this movement. The purpose for this march was to stand firm against the Governor of Illinois who wants to privatize the public sector workers and make Illinois a right to work  state. This doesn’t surprise me for only a businessman, especially one who specialized in outsourcing jobs could think this way. The way that he’s going about this fray is by refusing to fund many public programs, unless those on the left and other progressives bow down and cave into his demands.

I’ve personally felt that as religion and politics should not go together, so should be the same for business. Those that are in business also use the media to distort the truth and try to influence us with lies and propaganda.  Organized Labor was founded on the principles of human rights, which means that all humans are born free and equal  in dignity. We are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Corporations are not persons although the SCOTUS has ruled so. If this is true then why aren’t the bankers in jail? And why don’t corporations pay their fair share in taxes instead of lobbying to get tax breaks. This is the problem we are having with this governor.

Sisters and brothers, I urge you to look inward and ask yourselves, What are you doing for the brotherhood? What are you doing to make sure that everyone has equality and experience the “pursuit of happiness”.  Ask yourself, What more can you do? Not for self glorification but for the betterment of all .

We are probably in the midst of the  biggest battle that Local 18007 has ever faced. Let us not wait until the last moment to be strong! Support your/our Union. Support those things that can make a difference for all. Let us work together.  Together, WE WIN! Together, WE CAN! Together, WE CARE!

In Love, Fraternity, and Solidarity!  Always