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Keeping up the Fight

Hello, 18007 Brothers and Sisters


This is Joe Tischina South Shop Stewart, checking in with a few updates. I want to thank all the shops in there continuing aid in giving to the Veterans Drive that has been going on. This past month total donation was a success. I had the honor of personally going to the Veterans Closet in Great Lakes to drop off our Donations. I was moved and deeply impacted by what I saw. It hurt me to see these Veterans lining up to receive clothing and food. Brothers and Sisters what brought me comfort was knowing that we as a Union are doing so much to aid and are  making a impact in their life’s. I am proud of all you 18007 and ask that we continue our efforts in our great work.

          This April, 12th there will somewhere close to 200 Veterans registering to receive food and spring clothing. I ask that our focus in this short time span be on donating canned or dry food goods, along with spring clothing, especially spring jackets. One item bought when going to the grocery store or clothing truly does make a difference. All the donation boxes are checked on weekly bases; please help us make an impact. You are truly saving lives with your aid.

Yours Truly,

Joe Tischina

Semper Fi