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Donations have arrived at the Jesse Brown V.A.

I want to thank all those who donated and to those who put their time in collecting the contributions.  I want to thank Amanda Maali who was the company representative.  I want to thank the 6 veterans who helped deliver the donations.  They represent all the shops and are graduates of Dawson:  Marine Corp veteran Tom Kelley, Navy veterans Cristobal Rangel Jr, David Broom and Glenn Valdez, Army veterans Chris Brown and Shannon Herrera. 

These donations will provide an immediate impact to the veterans whom are in need.  There is a fine line between despair and surviving.  What your gifts have done was to allow a group of veterans a chance at improving their daily existence.  I have talked to the representatives at the facility and they told me the veterans are very grateful for these items. 

Because of the wars since 2001, there are more veterans than ever.  That means the need has never been greater.  Not all veterans came back whole.  And many are unable to work due to their experiences.  Your contributions will make a difference.


Donato Iocco