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Dominion Gas Threatens to lock out UWUA Gas Workers Local 69

By Nicole Porter | Posted: Mon 9:05 PM, Aug 22, 2016 | Updated: Mon 9:22 PM, Aug 22, 2016

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) — The United Gas Workers Union Local 69 claims Dominion Hope Gas and Dominion Transmission, Inc. may lock out employees in the near future as contract negotiations have came to a halt.

According to a press release from UGWU Local 69, there have been no talks between the parties since a meeting on Monday, August 15. The current labor agreement between the groups expired in April and both parties have continued to bargain since the expiration.

Dominion provided an offer to the Union, which the Union voted down 766 to 75.

According to the Union, Dominion indicated it may lock out the Unionized employees in the near future.

“Management, Contractors and temporary workers cannot operate the facility’s and pipelines as efficiently and safely as our Unionized workforce,” said Craig Bradford, UGWU Local 65 President, in the press release. “Local 69 employees are a highly trained, professional workforce who take great pride in performing their jobs and especially protecting the people and the public throughout Dominion’s operating area.”

The release goes on to say that during the negotiations, the Union has had to fight attacks “aimed directly at our current retirees and the new hired employees.” The Union claims Dominion has proposed damaging changes to retirement medical insurance for retirees and proposed to eliminate pensions and retiree medical insurance for newly hired workers.

A bargaining session for the two parties is scheduled for August 31.

UGWU Local 69 represents 950 members in six states including 500 members in West Virginia.

5 News has reached out to Dominion for a response. Phone calls and emails have not yet been returned.

Brothers and Sisters,

This is the war Local 18007 will be fighting in 2018. We all here in Chicago strongly stand with our Brothers and Sisters in Local 69.

In Unity and Strength

Adrian Dueñas

Vice President / Treasurer

Local 18007 Gasworkers Union


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Chicago IL, 60607

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