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Commitment to Community-You Can Make The Difference!

Brothers and Sisters,
On April 29th PGL will hold it’s annual Commitment to Community Day, this is a great chance for our union members to give back to the community. We are fortunate enough to have a career here that helps us put a roof over our families’ heads and beds to keep them warm at night. There are many people struggling with the basic needs, such as safe housing and a warm place to live. We all have the skillset to make improvements that will make a difference. This year you will be helping a neighborhood based social service center which houses a workshop for adults with developmental disabilities, a 28-bed shelter, health screening, treatment and recovery resources. This facility is in need of some critical repairs. A few hours on a Saturday can make a huge difference for a community. At the core, we are working men and women unified as one force. Let’s show our solidarity and make a difference. Its as easy as logging into Powernet and signing up. Please take this into consideration.

In Unity,
President Tim Jaroch