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Business Managers Report

Business Managers Report

Brothers and Sisters – On June 19th your Vice President, Recording Secretary, Senior Trustee, department shop steward  of the meter shop and myself all spent 7 hours in a hearing before Judge Roberts. The case was the unilateral change to outsource and eliminate jobs within the meter shop. This was a yearlong fight with WEC who feels as though they can simply eliminate your job anytime they want, “because that’s what we do in Wisconsin” I had 3 union witness testify for us under direct examination for the Union. I also had 2 WEC mangers declared hostile witness and thus was able to force them to the witness stand to be cross examined by me. The company’s other 2 witness were subpoenaed by the local and were forced as well to testify under direct examination. The union moved and entered 15 union exhibits into evidence. We will not stand for the WEC anti-union rhetoric because that’s what they do in Wisconsin. This is not Wisconsin this is a union city with a strong local! The judge will give his ruling in 60-90 days once my post hearing brief has been submitted. Special thanks to Brother, Bob McClung, Craig Briese, and Tom Brennan all for having the courage to testify against WEC and help the brothers and sisters behind them by protecting jobs. I could not be prouder of Arnell, Adrian, Nick, Jason and Ray for a long week and of the thousands of documents they helped prepare and long days of witness prep and preparing exhibits.  I thank you for your dedication and appreciate the long days all to support our membership.

The Union has also filed for Arbitration for 2 North Shop Brothers Recently Discharged. The Union was also successful bringing back a Central shop brother from pending termination after 30-day layoff. I will be testifying in front of the ICC June 22 on behalf of the membership for the reconciliation rider to provide more money for moving PW’s to full time.

The Union will be having a Contract Rally and kickoff picnic at the union hall on the grass infield August 6th from 11:00am – 3:00pm we will have a unity tee shirt for all union Brothers and Sisters who attend. There will be music, food, children’s games and drinks for all. Your free ticket will enter you into all day raffle giveaways with great prizes! We will have guest speakers and go through the contract proposal summary and strategy in September. Come bring your family and celebrate unity and our future through strength together. An early contract would allow us the security of fending off national right to work legislation that would take away our right to collectively bargain. Once we are under contract right to work cannot be implemented under labor law.

Union Strong in Unity 2017