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Business Managers Report

Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to extend my congratulations to brother Ray Tischina and his family for a 31 year career. What the membership doesn’t know is that Ray has been very strong advocate for the veterans program by being a mentor and teacher when I assigned him to help 4 years ago. He will continue helping me in that roll as a office manager and also as the UMAP case manager for the veterans,  to continue to grow the membership. With Ray’s departure, Brother Arnell Newman will be moved into the position of Recording Secretary by action of the Bylaws.

Arnell comes with tremendous experience by being greatly involved with our PEACE TEAM media and also social media. He is skilled in note taking,  which is critical to the business managers cases that often make it to court or are subject of subpoenas. We welcome him and what he offers to the membership and most importantly, the board. He will be extremely busy over the next several months with the call center negotiations starting Monday and also main bargaining preparations starting November of 2017.

Brother Don Iocco has replaced brother Luke Williams who has resigned his board seat to focus on family and wellness. Luke has been a great asset to the board and will be missed greatly. As increasing pressure on work in distribution grows,  Brother Iocco will be able to help in crafting protections with his knowledge as a crew leader. Brothers and sister there is much work ahead of us in defeating the contractors and sustaining the veterans program here with cohorts 14 and 15 to add 75-80 more veterans. To date we have provided jobs for over 300 heroes who have served this country and in effort to continue this push to add members and push the contractors further away, I have secured funding and supportive services for these heroes.

Our next orientation is scheduled for this Friday. I have recently settled 3 cases that were headed to arbitration with long negotiating sessions with company attorneys. The outcome was well received by our brothers who agreed to settlements.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Rick Passarelli