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Business Manager Report

Brothers and Sisters,

Our Members have provided the City of Chicago a skilled Union workforce to survive the past winter. Let us look back and reflect on the year so far.

  1. The Local would like to congratulate our 21 Brothers and Sisters who have retired from January through May 2019, we wish them the best in their future endeavors and thank them for their dedication as Union Members throughout their careers.
  2. Currently there are 14 active grievance cases and multiple cases scheduled for arbitration.  A large number of grievances have been filed for vehicle accidents, others have been filed for failure to follow company policy and procedure.
  3. Through continued talks with the company the Local was able to secure a confirmation email that will be sent out to members who call in the use of a prescribed substance. Prior to the Local securing this form of communication there was no reliable form to confirm a Member had called in. It is strongly recommended that all Members maintain a copy of confirmation email for their records.
  4. Local 18007 is  proud to announce the following major promotions, upgrades, hires, and wage increase as of May 2019:
  • May 1, all Gas Workers Local 18007 Union Members received a wage increase.
  • 40 new Project Workers hired.
  • 20 new Utility Workers hired.
  • 14 new Call Center Members hired.
  • 12 new Crew Leader Promotions.
  • 11 new Journey Man Upgraded.
  • 9 new Equipment Operator Reserve Upgraded.
  • On August 1, all Call Center Local 18007 Union Members will be receiving a wage increase.

It was a long brutal winter season for all our Members and we hope all of you have a great summer and enjoy some time with the ones who make it all worth it. Let us all move forward and prepare for the new season and changing working conditions.     

Strength through Unity

Adrian Dueñas
Business Manager
Local 18007 Gas Workers Union