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Business Manager Report

Brothers and Sisters, 

The Local has been hard at work in the new year with many grievances and a record number of cases scheduled for arbitration. 

To date I have 22 grievances that are active on my desk, they range from terminations to written warnings.  

We have over 6 separate cases from the call center on attendance and tardiness.

There have been multiple grievances filed for contractor related issues. The most severe violations against contractors has been their refusal to follow the same policy and procedure standard that all Local 18007 members adhere too.  I want to thank our members for their continued selfless acts in continuing to keep the Local informed on actions happening in the field with contractor related issues. Addresses and pictures go a long way and keep the company from denying these incidents are happening.

The company has taken a hard stand on members that violate;

the Company’s Code of Conduct Policy

the Company’s Anti – Harassment Policy

the Company’s Anti- Sexual Harassment Policy

Many of these cases have resulted in Termination, while some cases have resulted in significant amount of time off.

This company’s response has also carried over to the admin side of the work force with terminations and layoffs.

It is important for all our members to remember once they report to work whether it be in a shop or in the field or in a customer’s premise to be aware, they are being held to the company standard. We are all grown Men and Women and Proud Union Workers, we are here to provide for ourselves and our families don’t give the company a reason to take that from us.

I want to acknowledge the strong efforts of our Business Agents on the shop floors, they are the first line in protecting our members’ rights. The Membership should be proud of their efforts in investigative meetings, panels and over all shop moral. There are many new and inexperienced management personal out in the field, so it’s important to always ask if you need your union rep if there are any questions that could lead to discipline. 

The Local would like to welcome and congratulate our new Business Agents; at North Shop Ray Pulido and Daniel Hubbard, at Central Shop David Broome, at Division Street Xavier Gutierrez.

Safety of our members is always one the Local’s biggest priority, our members work in the most extreme weather conditions, In one of the biggest cities in the world and with a highly combustible product day in and day out. The reintroduction of our peer on peer safety program will go long way to keep our members whole.

I want to Thank every one of our Members for there efforts this past week. Your efforts to keep our city safe and our customers warm have gone a long way in proving our Members provide the best quality union service. We are all First Responders all year long, but this past week showed our Members were ready to answer the call when needed most.

Strength through Unity

Adrian Dueñas

Business Manager

Local 18007 Gas Workers Union U.W.U.A. AFL-CIO