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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As you are aware, the company is being very diligent on making sure all employees abide by their regulations – especially when it comes to the workload and time management. This includes making sure that employees do not extend their allotted time for breaks/lunch and ensure that we are being productive during the designated work shift. Every single one of us is tracked by GPS technology, and therefore it is expected that we are where and when we are assigned to be during a full-day’s work. Lately, the company has reported incidents of employees not abiding by these rules and are now being disciplined for their behavior. We all must remember that we are being monitored, so being accountable of our actions is what will help keep us from trouble. Should any issues arise that interfere with our work schedules, it is our obligation to let company supervisors know, so that it can be documented.

The Local is currently working hard to get three of our members back to work after being terminated for similar actions. Sadly, there are also several other members receiving time off and/or being investigated for corresponding situations. Everyone is held to the same standard, so please help us keep you and your peers at work. We appreciate your support and cooperation through this endeavor.


Tim Jaroch

President of Local 18007