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2018 Veterans Drive

2018 Veterans Drive

Veterans have risked their health, families and stability to serve in the armed forces. Many veterans leave the service with wounds that are not visible. Many leave their units but carry scars that are beneath the surface. Some veterans separate from their units and they are unable to forget the trauma that they were exposed to in training or in war. They are unable to deal with the real world. The body is willing but the spirit is weak.

You can read the flyer and donate what you would want to give. We are fortunate, we have jobs with good wages and benefits, we have homes and we know where are next meal is coming from. Homelessness is a crisis that not one politician will address. How many times do we see someone on the side of the road or under a bridge and wonder what can I do? This is something we can do in our own special way, this is a way to help a veteran who is struggling and down on their luck. You can give what you want and what you can; even what may seem as the smallest donation, will mean the world to the person who is receiving your gift.


The Executive Board