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Happy Labor Day!

Brothers and Sisters: Labor Day is a day celebrated all across our nation by various labor industries. On Labor Day, we commemorate the achievements of American workers through organized, social and economic proportions. We honor this day yearly as a creation of the labor movement. Labor day was enacted

Timothy Jaroch (4 days ago)

Brothers and Sisters, Your Executive Board has had a busy couple of weeks again with meetings; securing our efforts for protections of our benefits with Wisconsin Energy these meetings took place with Alderman Pat O’Connor, Governor Quinn, State Senator Cullerton, and ICC pipeline director in Springfield. We have held step

Richard Passarelli (5 days ago)

August 20, 2014   Union Membership Gas Workers Local 18007 All shop locations, Purpose: Officer Nominations   The following pertains to members questions regarding officer candidacy and eligibility. Through my request of the membership minutes, and records as of the January 10th 2013 meeting, I have determined the membership voted

Thomas Sargeant (2 weeks ago)

Hello brothers and sisters: With summer 2014 winding down there is some positive news to report among all the other chaotic happenings at the shops. The company has finally decided to open the dialogue through constant prodding from the local about the OAs being understaffed at Division Street, as well

Timothy Jaroch (2 weeks ago)
South Shop Business Agent Results

Brothers and Sisters: On August 18th, 2014, a South Shop election was held for a Business Agent position. The polls have closed and the results are in. Voting results are as follows: DON IOCCO – 61 VOTES JAMES CANNON – 20 VOTES 3 SPOILED VOTES Thank you for your votes

Richard Passarelli (2 weeks ago)


Recording Secretary Ray Tischina October Report

Brothers and Sisters recently Pres. Jaroch notified the membership of contract book distribution at all local shops by the Executive Board. Our mission: to ensure solidarity, strength, and commitment, along with relaying accurate facts concerning working conditions and involvement of this proud Local.  The contract book serves as a guide

Timothy Jaroch (10 months ago)
Trustee Jason Carter October Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Local 18007, I hope all is well with everyone. The amount of on the job injuries have been increasing as of late. I know that at times we have a lot of work  on our plate, but we must be careful of our surroundings and

J.L. Carter (10 months ago)
Contract Books

Brothers and Sisters, I would like to announce that the contract books are in. We will be at the shops to hand them out within the upcoming week. The schedule is as follows: South – Monday, Oct 21st Central – Tuesday, Oct 22nd North – Wednesday, Oct 23rd Division St

Timothy Jaroch (11 months ago)
Trustee Brian Murray Report

Brothers and Sisters, With Veteran’s Day quickly approaching and a government shutdown still in effect, Military and Veteran Benefits for November 2013 may be impacted. Let’s hope this situation is settled and our Vets get the help they need. Fraternally, Brian Murray Trustee Read the attached article from the FOX

Brian Murray (11 months ago)
2013 Scholarship Winner

Michael McIntyre son of Martin McIntyre Crewleader at South Shop is your 2013 Local 18007 Scholarship Winner. “What a Union Means to Me”                 “History is a great teacher. Now everyone knows that the labor movement did not diminish the strength of the nation but enlarged it. By raising the

Adrian Dueñas (11 months ago)


Steward John Hyland Report

Brothers and Sisters, A little over a week ago we had a safety stand-down meeting. Even though these meetings can be inconvenient they are very helpful to keep safety fresh on our minds. I know every time we turn around we are reminded about safety, this is a good

J.L. Carter (11 months ago)
South Steward Eric Collins report

Greetings 18007 Members I would like to take this moment to provide you a few safety reminders and tips. Safety Reminders:· Be mindful of surrounding and conditions at all times. Crime is prevalent and shootings are on the rise. If you feel threatened or fearful of your surroundings, please contact

J.L. Carter (11 months ago)
Donato Iocco report

The “right-to-work law” is a misnomer.  Every person has the right to work.  Work brings dignity to the human condition.  In regions of the country where jobs are not plentiful there is a moral and economic depression.  We see it in some of the neighborhoods that we work in, on

J.L. Carter (11 months ago)
Steward Jose Reyes report

Hello brothers and sisters         I would like to congratulate the transportation dept. No injuries for more than a year. Great job guys working safely.  Also I would like to congratulate Al Jacobs on his retirement. Ladies and Gentlemen please remember our procedures at all times especially

J.L. Carter (11 months ago)
Central Shop Update : Pete Jones

Hello Union Brothers and Sisters Hope everyone had a great summer this year. Central shop had a crew leader safety shop meeting. There was lot of positive interaction with the crew leaders and management and several topics were discussed. We had three union brothers retire from our

J.L. Carter (12 months ago)